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A foundation is an essential component of any bedding setup. The foundation lies beneath your mattress and provides support for the mattress, as well as your body while sleeping. It is the foundation that helps to ensure a good night’s sleep by providing support and helping to even out pressure points in your body. A foundation can come in many forms, from a traditional box spring mattress foundation, to platform foundations, adjustable foundations, and more.

Shop Foundations by Type

Mattress foundations come in a number of styles and are ideal for different things. Standard foundations may be ideal for many sleepers, however and adjustable base bed may be ideal for someone who snores or has sleep apnea. The experts at Texas Appliances can help you find the perfect foundation to provide the best sleep possible.

Standard Foundations are the most traditional foundation option and are typically used to accompany mattresses. They consist of a foundation base made with wood or metal slats, as well as a wooden frame that surrounds the foundation base. The foundation also features additional leg supports to provide more stability and durability when in use. Standard foundations measure nine inches tall, making it the ideal foundation for any type of mattress, especially thicker innerspring mattresses or hybrids. Standard foundations provide the best overall support for your mattress, while also helping to reduce motion transfer and providing superior edge support. For those looking for an affordable foundation option that is sturdy and supportive, standard foundations are an excellent choice.

Low profile foundations are a great option if you’re looking for extra under-bed clearance without sacrificing support or stability. These foundation bases measure five inches tall, making them ideal for thinner mattresses such as foam or latex models. Low profile foundation bases are usually made from metal slats, allowing them to be both lightweight and supportive. Additionally, these foundation bases often have additional supports around the perimeter which helps to reduce motion transfer and provides extra edge support where needed. Low profile foundations are perfect for smaller bedrooms where space is at a premium, but still provide superior mattress support.

Ultra low profile foundations offer maximum under-bed clearance while still providing superior mattress support. These foundation bases measure just four inches tall and they can be used with any type of mattress including memory foam, hybrid models, or even air beds. Ultra low profile foundation bases are composed of heavy duty steel slats which allow them to be sturdy and durable while remaining lightweight enough to move around easily when needed. While these foundation bases don’t provide quite as much motion isolation as standard or low profile foundations do due to their lower height, they do still provide adequate edge support which is essential for all types of mattresses regardless of thickness or type.

Adjustable bases offer users complete control over their mattress setup with various settings available for comfort and convenience purposes such as TV watching mode or massage mode which can change your sleeping position at the push of a button! Adjustable bases typically feature steel frames along with strong metal legs for increased stability when in use along with optional accessories like massage motors depending on the model chosen by consumers. Adjustable beds offer users an unprecedented level of comfort control over their sleep experience by allowing them to find an optimal position quickly without having to manually reposition themselves multiple times throughout the night!

Standard bed frames are another more traditional form of mattress foundation that includes both headboards and footboards along with side rails that connect each side together forming a box frame design around the mattress itself providing superior stability no matter what type of mattress is being used upon it! Bed frames also typically feature center rail supports which help evenly distribute weight across the entire surface area thereby preventing sagging or excessive wear in one particular spot over time due to increased pressure applied there too frequently! In terms of height, standard bed frames measure seven inches on average giving it just enough lift off the floor while still remaining close enough so that normal sheets will fit over its edges nicely!

Where to Buy the Best Foundation

Texas Appliance is the ideal place to buy mattress foundations. We offer a wide variety of foundation types and styles to fit every budget, and our knowledgeable staff are here to help you find the foundation that’s perfect for you. Whether you need a traditional box spring foundation, a platform foundation, an adjustable foundation, or even a foundation that doubles as storage space, we have it all!

You can find us in the Arlington, Fort Worth and Hurst, TX areas. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or stop by!